Professionally set posts are the key to a successful DIY fence project. And the most time-consuming and difficult part is digging the holes. That, and spending a weekend moving wheelbarrows of heavy mud and hauling it away to the landfill is nobody’s idea of fun.

The solution? Let's build your fence together. If you're the DIY type but don’t have the equipment or experience to guarantee straight, level fence lines, and strong posts, we can help. We'll mark your fence line, drill your holes, set your posts and haul away your mud, leaving you with the fun part of building a fence.

If you want to level up your fence-building game, call us. We’re always on the level at Midwest Fencing.

Price List

Post Hole Size Drilled Holes Only Drill & Set Mud Removal
4' x 4' $25 per hole $45 per hole $18 per hole
6' x 6' $25 per hole $50 per hole $20 per hole
Depth 4 feet 4 feet
  • A $150 Mobilization & Set-up fee applies to all jobs and includes locating public utilities, marking the fence line and post hole locations
  • Add $5/hole for 4' x 4' posts and $8/hole for 6' x 6' posts if drilled to 6' depth
  • Additional charges may apply for unusual soil conditions, obstructions, or if hand-digging is required.
  • Customers are responsible for marking all private utility lines and underground sprinklers.

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