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The Wolf Enclosure at Assiniboine Park Zoo was one of our most challenging designs yet. Completed in 2019 for a pack of 5 wolves, this enclosure had to ensure both security and visibility. To accomplish this, the enclosure features heights ranging from 10’ to 20’ with 5’ extensions on a 45-degree angle to prevent escape attempts. Utilizing Schd 40 posts and 9-gauge black chain link mesh, the design balances durability with functionality. To enhance viewing and photography, Stainless Steel Black Oxide netting is strategically placed for unobstructed views. A meticulous dig barrier, consisting of 1-11/16 posts driven 10’ deep and spaced 6” apart, thwarts the wolves' natural digging instincts. Overcoming the challenges of changing grades and hills, our enclosure design ensures the wolves' security. The project extends to wood fencing around the wolf housing building, providing a secure transition indoors, along with custom interior cages and gates for flexible animal management.

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